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May is here and it is spectacular!

_MG_4966 _MG_4967


the unpaved road

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I love the moon… especially when it is full

red moon

this was from the august full moon “ Sturgeon Moon”


Canadian geese

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They are finally back !!!

V canadian geese

I am not so crazy about this picture below but my boys love it as they think the Canadian geese resemble pterodactyl in it 🙂
canadian geese

one special thing I love about Canadian geese is they take turns leading 🙂

canadian geese

canadian geese water

I hope to get better pictures of them soon

hope you having a great weekend !


the giants

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Standing close to and walking around redwood trees is the best way to make one feel small 😉

kids redwood

amazing giants … such serenity and posture!

tall redwood



is it spring… really ?

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window rain

spring has finally, really sprung…


it was off to a bad and slow start

rain drops

but the rain has arrived and the snow is finally melting 🙂

rain snow play

and my little friends are back singing their songs 🙂

bird on wire


a weeping willow

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a weeping willow at the end of a hard and long winter


weeping willow



go catch a sunset

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there is something so magical about the sun … especially the sunrise and sunset

That it truly makes anywhere you are look magical, whether it be a mountain top, a beach side, lake side, or even a high way …


I think everyone should stop whatever they are doing and watch the sunset every night !

go catch the sunset !

Lisa 🙂

disclaimer I was NOT driving while taking this picture.

hello Spring!

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snow path

Oh I would love to say it has been nice and lovely … And I would love to say that I will miss you … but lying is not part of my character … I could not be happier! 

I am soooo done with you! I have been  secretly  counting down your days since the first of January. Secretly smiling as each day went by knowing your time was limited.  You were truly an unpleasant guest this time around.  Yes, I am not a fan of yours to start off with.   But this year, lets just say you hit a new low. Starting off in November with negative 20 degrees!? How dare you show your face before Christmas time!! I was not impressed and for the first time I will say neither were my boys, both of whom were complaining that it was either too cold to play outside or too icy to actually enjoy the snow.
We were hit with headlines of “polar vortex” … “colder then mars” and “cold blast ” as well as comparing temperatures to the arctic or North Pole and it being milder there. 
So goodbye ! adios! Ciao! and have a blast in the Southern Hemisphere! Please don’t bother sending a post card …. I still have vivid memories of your windchill to last me quite some time, and please feel free to be late next year.
canadian geese
Hello spring!
baby maple
Welcome! We love you spring !
maple leaves

winter’s end

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It has finally arrived… the last day … and although we still have plenty of snow and are expecting more; I could not care less, as I know spring will soon take hold.