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Hands On Learning

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For me “hands on learning” is getting out in the world and seeing and doing… basically the essence of homeschooling in my opinion. From museums to stores to nature … you name it … it is all hands on 🙂 I remember growing up and going to school and thinking

driving in Italy

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my random thoughts about driving in Italy 1. Italians are INSANE drivers! 2. Do NOT trust your GPS in Italy; It takes you down dead end roads or makes you take a side street just so you end up back on the main road.  3. Italians drive FAST… and I mean really fast! 4. Why

I would like to introduce…

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I would like to introduce 2 gray kittens … no they are not ours … we are fostering them … so they are available for adoption they are really sweet and cute! how did this happen ? Well my kids really wanted a cat … and as much as I