So I mentioned here that I have a robin family who decided to set up right by my window in an evergreen tree

male robin

well it seems that the mommy robin has had her eggs sometime in the last 24 hours

female on nest

I have not had a chance to see how many exactly, but I got a glimpse and can see that there are indeed eggs in there now

this is a really bad picture but you can see the light blue egg

robin egg

A clutch consists of three to five light blue eggs, and is incubated by the female alone. The eggs hatch after 14 days,”  ( 

so now we wait 2 weeks 🙂



adminMaggio 18, 2014 alle 1:31 am

We had this happen last year and it was fascinating. The robin actually used the same next TWICE, which is very rare. I took a picture a day from the day they started hatching and posted them on my facebook page (public link): Enjoy watching them! We all were so unbelievably excited when they started to hatch! 🙂

    adminMaggio 18, 2014 alle 1:31 am

    oooh neat!!! and awesome pictures! thanks for the comment and link! I so hope they will use the same nest again … I did read that they do sometimes but not all the time 🙂

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