Welcome to Quebec; where I happen to be living for the moment.


I have to start by saying I haven’t seen that much of it in real life … I have been to Quebec city and all around the Montreal area, up north and south … but have never made it past Quebec city or to the far north.

Here are some places I am very familiar with and love:

Montreal is a great city as there are many families and many parks and green spaces. almost anywhere you are in the city you can probably find a park not far.


One of my all time favourite places is Mount Royal … a huge green space right smack in the middle of the city. Kind of like central park … only way better 😉 , because it is a mountain and there is an amazing view from the top. (fun factThe park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, who also co-designed New York’s Central Park )


Then there is Old Montreal; which takes you away and makes you feel like you are travelling through a town in Europe. With it’s cobblestone streets and the port with the huge ships … lots of fun for kids to see and explore.

Montreal is known as the underground city … because it has a vast underground subway system which is referred to as the metro … and you can shop, eat and travel all while never stepping foot outside.

Another great place that we really like is Parc jean Drapeau which is also linked to Notre Dame Island … it is a great place to bike, walk, roller blade… this is where expo ’67 was held and there is a famous sphere like ball which today is the biosphere museum   ( fun factNotre Dame Island was built in ten months from 15 million tons of rock excavated for the Montreal Metro in 1965. to clarify … when they dug out the underground metro system they came up with the plan to make a man made island from all the rubble)  also this is where the famous Canadian grand prix takes place.

I will suggest the best time to visit is May / June or September / October but if you are coming for some of the famous festivals such as the jazz or just for laughs then you would need to come during the summer months or if you are coming for the winter festival, that is usually in early February … and then the sugaring off season is always fun ( fun fact quebec is the worlds leading producer of maple syrup “with about 75 percent of global production” )

Mont Tremblant is a great day trip get away; a village on a ski mountain. We have gone in June and loved it as there were lots of neat activities such as mini put, panoramic gondola ride, luge,  and the beach to hang out at.IMG_4576IMG_4495

I asked friends to help me come up with a list of places to visit in the province and below is the places my friends mentioned 🙂

a nature park just north of montreal: http://centredelanature.laval.ca/

this place looks lovely for rescued horses:  http://ahorsetale.org/horse-rescue-wp/

a Chimpanzee Sanctuary : http://www.faunafoundation.org/the-sanctuary/

another great outdoor place: http://www.ilesaintbernard.com/en/naturalsites/refuge-faunique-marguerite-youville-wildlife-sanctuary/


water park : http://www.parcaquatique.com/en/

where ever you go; overall quebec is very family friendly and there is lots to see and do 🙂

if you visit any of these places please let me know how you liked them 🙂

please go check out my fellow Canadian bloggers with their provincial field trips here 

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adminMarzo 25, 2015 alle 6:00 am

Hello from another team member!
Great post!
I have been to Montreal but it was in my early 20s, and Quebec City when I was a teen! I would love to go again with my family. I remember the underground part of the city and the Old Quebec City.

    adminMarzo 25, 2015 alle 6:00 am

    Montreal is great for all ages 🙂 with kids you will see it a whole different way

adminMarzo 25, 2015 alle 6:00 am

Never knew you had a chimp sanctuary. Never would have dreamed it. Be fun to visit. 🙂

adminMarzo 25, 2015 alle 6:00 am

Sounds cool! That’s funny about the maple syrup. 🙂 When I was in Australia a few years ago, an Asian girl at a hostel lit up when I mentioned I was from Canada and exclaimed, “Maple syrup! I love maple syrup!” It made me laugh that that was the first thing she thought of when she heard Canada, because I’m from Alberta and we don’t have much maple syrup out there. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    adminMarzo 25, 2015 alle 6:00 am

    hahaha at least she said maple syrup and not igloos lol .. I get that one a lot when traveling LOL

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