If I were asked to give a conference chat; my topic would be living organically.
How does this tie into homeschooling  you may ask ,
well I like that my kids are learning to eat healthy foods and take care of themselves and the environment.
I think the number one thing we can show our children is how to live as naturally, simply and organically as possible!
By that, I mean everything from cleaning products to the food we eat … from the clothes we wear to the products we use on our bodies and even the chemicals in and outside our homes.
Every purchase we make has an impact … and every dollar we spend leaves a message.
What kind of  message do you want to leave?
What kind of message do you want your kids to take on from your actions?
I want to support our local organic farmers.
I want to support natural healthy sustainable products.
I want people growing and making these items to be healthy and not have to worry about their own health just to make some money and I want them to be fairly compensated for their work 🙂
I want natural clothing that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals.
I love that…
  • my kids can tell you all about GMOs and organic food.
  • that they know how to read the labels.
  • that my kids are learning about protecting the environment and that if they spill something they reach for vinegar to pick up the mess.
  • that my kids tell me about stuff that isn’t healthy and what is healthy.
  • that they know what the fair trade label means.
  • we sell or recycle stuff we don’t use or need; to live as simply as we can.
So thanks for joining me on this virtual conference….
I hope I have inspired you to question everything  and show your kids to do the same to live as naturally as you can 🙂

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