When I started homeschooling; I so badly wanted to just buy a box with everything I “needed” to homeschool. Sadly I never found this magic box… every boxed curriculum I found seemed to contain stuff that was pointless or stuff my kids didn’t want or stuff my kids already knew.

So I get curriculum from many places…

For math I highly  recommend Math Mammoth ; it is well organized and set up and the price is just perfect.


As for other subjects; I have a variety of stuff  we use on and off depending if they are interested in using it or not at that moment.

For french we have Rosetta Stone as our main source; my review of rosetta stone is so/so ; I find it does’t pick up the kids voices that well and kind of goes from easy to expecting them to spell all of a sudden :/ I supplement with story books and shows in french.


For italian I have these great books and italian cartoons are always very entertaining.


For geography and history we use  ‘Canada map books’, they  are a really great place to start. We supplement with books from the library and shows  on history. 



For science I have several kits I bought that have helped my kids learn hands on.


I try to go with what they are into and find stuff to expand on for them to learn more … the internet is always a wonderful resource. 

And I find you don’t always need curriculum in the sense of a workbook with pages to write in but rather hands on learning is essential.  

Do you have any curriculum you love ?

Go check out the rest of the Canadian blogging team and what they use for curriculum also check out and download the FREE printable from the Canadian homeschooler on buying curriculum



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adminMaggio 27, 2015 alle 6:00 am

I love that. The hands-on idea. That’s what I want more than anything in our homeschool. [Too bad that typically turns into “hands on the computer. -_- gah. My little well-trained computer geeks. 😀 hehe]

adminMaggio 27, 2015 alle 6:00 am

French has fallen by the wayside for us 🙁 I have been contemplating Rosetta Stone, but it is so pricey! What age did you start using it?
I really wish we had some French neighbours or friends! It’s been my experience that if you don’t use the language, well, you just don’t keep it.

    adminMaggio 27, 2015 alle 6:00 am

    I started at about 6-7 years … and yes I am not sure I would buy it again :/ it is ok .. but for the price I wish it was better … although my kids do like using it . and yes we are lucky as there is french around us… and we ( parents) speak it . I know our library has programs and we have tried a few , just can;t remember the names … perhaps you can try the local library and see what they have

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Lisa, I love your science kits! I’m not strong in my teaching of science (I’m more of an arts and literature girl so I don’t easily lean toward science) but I have one son who is particularly interested in science so I’m always on the look out for things to feed his interest. Where did you find them and what age would you recommend them for?

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