Dear parent starting your adventure in homeschooling,

So you have decided to homeschool … first off I want to say it will be awesome and  totally worth it!!!


Yes; go ahead research the heck out of it. Look at every different method and all the different curriculums and then go with your own style … which will most likely be a blend of a few.

Don’t worry about the bad moments or days … they will come and go… and quite frankly bad moments happen to everyone regardless if you homeschool your kids or they go to school. 

Focus on the amazing moments… and you will have many amazing moments!


Don’t worry about keeping up with any grades or school curriculum… each child is an individual with their own learning style and their own pace, part of the joy of homeschooling is going at the pace of the child. And remember your child is not a grade … but a little person learning new things every day.


Don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t compare your child to any other child. 

Don’t worry about what people tell you. You may be one of the lucky ones and live in a community full of supportive, understanding and  open minded people to homeschooling or you may live in a community where you might be the only homeschooler. Don’t let THAT stop you;  you might inspire others to homeschool.

And you may come across negative comments from people … brush them off and move on.


My suggestion is get online and read inspiring blogs of other homeschooling families. Connect with others even if it is online only for the moment. Start your own support group if there are none nearby or if there is one go hang out and meet some homeschooled kids and parents… I guarantee you will be totally impressed.

I went to a homeschooling event with my baby; yes you read correctly, about a decade ago I walked into a homeschool ‘show and tell’ carrying a baby (my first born) and I got some very welcoming comments. I was very curious what it would be like to homeschool and that was a great way to meet both the parents and the kids. I was hooked right away and I haven’t looked back nor regretted my decision one bit, but for those of you who are very hesitant,  just remember you can always change your mind … the school will not go anywhere … so give it a try 🙂


and very important: homeschooling isn’t about the destination but the journey itself!

And one more thing; this homeschooling journey is not only about your kids but also a journey you are taking with them and you will learn so much about your kids and from your kids and in general on this experience. 

so have fun! 


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adminOttobre 29, 2015 alle 4:18 am

well written post Lisa. You have some good thoughts here.

    adminOttobre 29, 2015 alle 4:18 am

    thank you 🙂

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