For me “hands on learning” is getting out in the world and seeing and doing… basically the essence of homeschooling in my opinion.

From museums to stores to nature … you name it … it is all hands on 🙂

I remember growing up and going to school and thinking “while I sit in this classroom … life is happening out there”


This past week we hit the mountain for a hike / bike ride


We are fostering some kittens for a rescue group until they get adopted so my kids have been learning and observing the kittens all week … as cats are very different from dogs.

IMG_2261 _MG_7505

We checked out a museum we hadn’t been to in a couple of years.

_MG_7621 IMG_2240 IMG_2248 IMG_2254 _MG_7638  _MG_7644_MG_7646

The boys participated in an Apple workshop all about publishing an ebook.

IMG_2154 IMG_2134 IMG_2185

Among the regular stops like the library, Aikido class,  grocery store and other places just to name a few things we have done 🙂

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adminNovembre 25, 2015 alle 6:00 am

These are cool ideas. I think you’re right that so much learning happens in the real world. 🙂 thanks for sharing.

adminNovembre 25, 2015 alle 6:00 am

Some people think kids are better off in school or daycare than running errands, but I think it’s important for them to see the regular obligations we have, i.e. grocery shopping, going to the bank, etc.

I admire you going all the way to Mount Royal for a bike ride! I’d like to do that some day with the kids…maybe next spring.

    adminNovembre 25, 2015 alle 6:00 am

    Let me know when you want to go … We will come too 🙂

adminNovembre 25, 2015 alle 6:00 am

real world learning is SO much fun. 🙂 always makes my boy happy. 🙂

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