We are back this year with the monthly Canadian homeschool blog post … to kick start the year let’s talk about organization!


One of my favourite things to do! 

I love the feeling of purging and getting everything cleaned up; as it is so rewarding. 

My husband thinks I am a little crazy with my system but I like my system as it works really well for me … I basically make a huge disaster by dumping everything out and then have no choice but to go through it all.

but there is order to my chaos

I have 4 categories 

  • throw / recycle 
  • give away 
  • sell 
  • and keep 

the keep gets organized on the shelf in my homeschool room.


My kids sometimes have a hard time selling stuff but what encourages them is getting the money from the sale. 

There is  a great app that you can use locally called varagesale … and it is awesome because you can sell small things like baby pjs on it or all those toys that start to pile up … and it quickly adds up … I have sold probably over 300 items so far on it.

I encourage you to declutter your homes and rooms … it is so much less to tidy up and you really don’t need all that stuff; trust me !

Another neat thing I love to do is switch things up. I move the furniture around … and even switch rooms … it always feels so refreshing when I do that !

These are a few before and after photos of when I redid a room and switched it around … I moved my homeschool to another room and made my family room a simple quite calming reading room 🙂 I also purged a lot of the stuff on the shelves when I did this.




a few other tips …

  • get a new shelf or storage system that can hold all your stuff neatly.
  • don’t impulse buy … ask yourself if you really need that item
  • give the room a fresh coat of non toxic paint 
  • but again… the best thing to do is get rid of the stuff you don’t use!

So get to it!

and if you want post a before and after picture on instagram with the hashtag #homeschoolOrganization to showoff all your hard work please do 🙂


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adminGennaio 27, 2016 alle 6:00 am

Such a nice place to work. So inviting! Thanks for joining in and sharing!

adminGennaio 27, 2016 alle 6:00 am

I love your space! So big and bright.

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