I would like to introduce

2 gray kittens …


no they are not ours … we are fostering them … so they are available for adoption

they are really sweet and cute!

how did this happen ?


Well my kids really wanted a cat … and as much as I love animals … I am not ready to commit to a cat for 15-20 years … and thought this way we could help out and my kids could experience the joys of having a cat or 2 🙂


We don’t really know their story much besides being born to a stray cat and so I want to take this opportunity to say ; please get your cats (and dogs) fixed … please help prevent over population … also please please ADOPT a pet ( don’t buy). There are soooo many animals looking for their forever homes 🙂


More pictures coming soon … as we just got them today and they are just settling in 🙂

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