The day I told my kids the Easter bunny doesn’t exit or Santa for that matter and they didn’t loose it on me.

It’s been years in the making.

I fell into the Santa trap when my first was born. We got him toys and said they were from Santa, and I regretted it ever since. 

They never sat on any Santa lap and some years they didn’t even give Santa a letter so I really have no idea how they believed in him as I was never one to encourage it fully; besides wrapping ONE gift and placing it under the tree.  As I got smarter after the first year where I said ALL the gifts were from santa. I got only one gift from santa after that.

I am not sure what made me do it; as I didn’t grow up with any Santa. I don’t think it is a very Italian thing (there is ‘babbo natale’ ofcourse in Italy but the Italians have ‘la befana’ instead that is more popular; but she comes on January 6th) 

Anyways, every Christmas since that first Christmas (technically second as his first Christmas he was only 6 months old) I dreaded Christmas and hated  the whole Santa thing and it got worse once both my parents were gone as with no family it is a hard celebration. 

And so it’s been years I have been secretly hoping they would just realize; ‘yeah there is no Santa and it’s mom and dad’ and we would be done with it; But with each Christmas it felt like it was never going to happen. 

Then, causally over breakfast this morning, my kids started talking about the  Easter bunny (I have no idea how the topic came up)  And oddly enough  the easter bunny  has only come to our house  maybe a couple of times but for some reason they believe in it so much.

So I casually said with out even thinking really “there is no such thing as the Easter bunny!” 

And they looked at me and said “what” ?!? 

I was bracing myself for a melt down, but instead I got “I knew it!”  and a whole bunch of giggles from my 8 year old. 

Then my oldest said “1 down 4 to go!” So at that point I thought what 4? so he says Jack Frost (for some really odd reason ?!? And the sandman … Yeah I was as lost as you are)

So I say, “yeah those are not so real either, but then again,” I said,” I am not so sure if they are or aren’t.”

Then the conversation casually continued and then came Santa and I causally said “yeah santa isn’t real.” 

I gripped myself, expecting all hell to break loose and instead just got a “I knew it”  with lots of laughs from my 10 year old, while my 8 year old left the table as he needed time to process what I had just told him. and my 5 year old was completely not caring about what I was saying.

Everyone left the table and I was happy it ended there, as I knew the last one coming was the tooth fairy and well that was the only one I wasn’t quite ready to give up. 

So all is good in our home. 

Jack Frost and  the sandman may or may not be real. 

The Easter bunny is definitely a non existing thing and Santa well perhaps if my 8 year feels he is real then he really is real in his mind and heart.

As for the tooth fairy she is very excited for the next tooth she will collect 😉 

598358_4768150929061_1779826858_n IMG_4188IMG_4185

And as for Santa I do believe he is real but he isn’t a ‘he’ but rather a spirit that is in all out us.


In my next post I will tell you what happened to my 8 year old when he came to see me after processing everything.


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