I really want to say that I loved florence and I want to say it is gorgeous and stunning and stop there … but Florence is a tourist destination and I really dislike touristy spots.


I took the kids there as I had never been and honestly was curious to see what all the hype was about.


I went in October thinking there would be not many tourists. I was wrong … there were a lot of tourists. Also there were too many street vendors selling stuff like selfie sticks and constantly asking people to buy one :/


I also found the local store owners in the historical area of florence rather rude; regardless if I spoke english to them, and they thought I was from another country; or, spoke Italian, and they thought I lived somewhere in Italy; I got the same impression.


Having said that… the availability of organic food in Florence was nice. We rented a nice airbnb which was literally a 90 second walk from an awesome organic food store (where they were really nice). And it took us about 15 minutes to get to the center of florence by tram; so that was really nice as cars are not allowed to enter the historical center. The kids and I really liked the tram, it was really simple to take, fast and I felt really safe.


Those are love locks in the picture above. People put them there as an eternal symbol of their love. They are never supposed to be taken down. I didn’t see too many around Florence but just a few here and there 🙂 

Putting aside the tourists and the rude store owners; Florence is really nice to visit. And if you like art; even the slightest bit; then it is the city to see!


Stay tuned for my top 3 places in florence that my kids and myself really enjoyed in my next posts 🙂


The covered bridge (pictured above)  is called “Ponte Vecchio”. It looks lovely from far. We walked through it thinking there was going to be some cafes (bars) somewhere nice to sit or something else, but we were stunned to see it was full of jewelry stores along it on both sides. There must have been 40 or 50 of them it seemed like.  I question how they can possibly stay in business when all the competition is right there  :/





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