So once a week, I take the kids, get in the car and drive out to a farm…

IMG_6348 IMG_6705

Not any kind of farm but an organic vegetable farm  🙂


They also grow organic flowers that my kids love picking


we say hello to these little guys one our way to the farm


it is called

Tourne-Sol Co-operative Farm


IMG_6707 IMG_6706

We have been members for a few years now and could not imagine not being members


The first year was a learning experience, as it introduced us to some veggies that we were not familiar with and we experimented with how to cook or prepare them to our liking.


Now every week we look forward  to the surprise of what will be in the basket … and enjoy opening the fridge and looking at what we have to make to eat  in the days that follow.


This coop is run by an awesome group of people, who share my passion about organic food.


So what’s the point?

The grocery store is right around the corner.

Yes, it is, and if you are lucky, maybe it carries some organic produce…


even if it does, isn’t it great to support your local farmer? and get it fresh right from the farm?

IMG_6472 IMG_6466IMG_6448

I strongly encourage you to look up a csa ( community supported agriculture ) nearby …

support your local farmer


and remember if you ate today … thank a farmer 😉

Thanks Frédéric, Reid, Renée, Emily, and Dan ! You guys ROCK!!!


They have the most amazing garlic … mummmmmm

If you have any questions  about being part of a coop let me know …

Also if you belong to one, please share something you love about it~


My only disappointment is that it doesn’t run all year


If you are not as lucky as we are, and have no access to a CSA,

check out your local farmers market;

or grow your own food 🙂



adminGiugno 6, 2013 alle 12:40 am

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adminGiugno 6, 2013 alle 12:40 am

Hi there! We’re another homeschooling family that’s been getting our veg from Tournesol for 7 years 🙂 We’re in the West Island so our pick-up is in Beaconsfield. You take beautiful pictures!!

    adminGiugno 6, 2013 alle 12:40 am

    thanks Gen 🙂

adminGiugno 6, 2013 alle 12:40 am

Great pictures, it makes you look forward to the next basket! 🙂

    adminGiugno 6, 2013 alle 12:40 am

    it does 🙂

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