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Chamomile tea

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Amazing how something so simple can bring back so many emotions and memories. My mom used to make me a cup of chamomile tea in the evening when I had a sore stomach or just felt sluggish. Just the smell of it wraps me in comfort as if she were

mother’s day

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Happy mother’s day to all you wonderful moms out there 🙂 This day has been  bittersweet for me for the last 7 years … a special message to my mom … I miss you and I wish I could hear your voice and chat with you especially today… even though

mommy day

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I want to wish all you mommies a very happy mommy day! I hope your little ones drew and wrote you sweet notes… whispered I love yous in your ears and gave you great big hugs and kisses! and a very special happy mothers day to my mom … I

Jade’s TED talk

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I have mentioned Jade Beall in  this  previous post And she did a Ted Talk about body diversity… and it really resonates with me… on so many levels. Having survived anorexia as a teenager … and having become a mom. Her words and her pictures really speak to my soul. here

flashback friday… Pietracatella

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My mom was from a very small town in the mountains of Campobasso (Molise, Italy) I spent endless hours sitting on the stoop in front of my grandparents home, collecting all the snails that crawled by and playing hide and seek and tag with the kids. these pictures were taken