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time change

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I love springing forward I think part of it is knowing winter has very little life left … but the longer days is one of my favourite parts 🙂 ~Lisa


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I love the moon… especially when it is full this was from the august full moon “ Sturgeon Moon” Lisa

fly a kite

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I hope you had a good summer ( or winter) mine was a little crazy and intense … but I am back here on my blog … and I hope to share a great year of adventures with you all ! Lisa

so… oh yeah… where was i again? oh, now I remember!

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I get the kids going with some school work… and then head off to start doing dishes… then remember I forgot to start the washing machine and take the clothes out of the dryer… while I am on my way to the laundry room … I start to clean up

Summer Solstice

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Happy Summer Solstice …. absolutely one of my favourite days of the year 🙂 Lisa

summer is in the air :)

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Can you feel it ??? Summer is soooo close I can taste it ! and I am bursting with excitement!!! I love summer  … spring is ok, but summer is in a field all of it’s own… The long days, late nights, amazing sunsets… The crazy thunder showers that blow in