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morning and male finches

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We have learned that male finches defend  their female mates rather then a nesting area  … and so we observed these 2 males fighting. These are not the best pictures as I was standing on the wrong side with the sun and they are so fast and difficult to capture; but I

time change

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I love springing forward I think part of it is knowing winter has very little life left … but the longer days is one of my favourite parts 🙂 ~Lisa

winter solstice 2014

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happy winter solstice the days start to get longer and we welcome the sun back ~may the winter be warm and short Lisa

go catch a sunset

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there is something so magical about the sun … especially the sunrise and sunset That it truly makes anywhere you are look magical, whether it be a mountain top, a beach side, lake side, or even a high way … I think everyone should stop whatever they are doing and