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florence… gelato

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What better treat to enjoy while walking around Florence then a gelato! I highly recommend a stop at ‘Edoardo gelato biologico’ (not only is it organic ice cream… but it has VEGAN options too!!!) it is near il duomo.      and this concludes my Florence posts 🙂 if you missed

Canada Day ideas

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Canada Day is just around the corner 🙂 We like to go see the fireworks … but other then that we take advantage of the day  to just be together and enjoy what ever local activities we stumble upon. From outdoor concerts to festivals… there is always something fun to

a pink ice cream pie

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My daughter turned 4 last week; and she requested a pink treat. So I came up with this:  banana raspberry ice cream pie / cake Before you start you want to peel and freeze bananas at least 8 … I like to freeze them for about 4 hours … otherwise

Make it possible

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great info on factory farming Check out their site here Make it Possible reduce your meat intake! don’t buy factory farmed! or go meat free! be Compassionate! Lisa

elephants at play

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what a great video of one of my favourite animals ! Lisa


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we need to respect and protect these amazing creatures! [vimeo] Lisa

really easy vegan milkshake

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I usually make smoothies with an assortment of stuff in them… but I was craving something really light and fun … I used hemp milk and bananas! oh and to get really fancy a dash of cinnamon 😉 I suggest tossing in a couple of ice cubes to make it cooler

vegan flatbread

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flat bread is really fun and delicious especially with some homemade hummus … mummmmm ingredients 3 cups of flour (you can use spelt, brown rice , or any flour you would like) 1 tablespoon of salt 2 teaspoons of baking powder 3 tablespoons of oil (we use coconut) 1 cup

chia pudding

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My husband decided to give this a try … and he was amazed at how easy it was… funny how we hesitate on making stuff at times cause we think it will be hard or take  long to make. This took 5 minutes to prepare and then placed in the

vegalicious scones

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My husband has been playing around with this recipe for the last month or so and it tastes so good ( he has made many variations of it from pumpkin scones to walnuts to cashews  to banana blueberry)  but this one, with pecans is one of our favourites. Ingredients 3