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Jade’s TED talk

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I have mentioned Jade Beall in  this  previous post And she did a Ted Talk about body diversity… and it really resonates with me… on so many levels. Having survived anorexia as a teenager … and having become a mom. Her words and her pictures really speak to my soul. here

happy women’s day :)

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To all the women around the world … “Always remember you are Braver than you Believe Stronger than you Seem Smarter than you Think and Twice as Beautiful as You’d Ever Imagine” ~words from Dr. Seuss wishing you all a Beautiful day! ~lisa

beautiful body shout out!

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Last week I started following on twitter  a photographer that I greatly admire and have liked for some time on facebook She  joined the twitter world with her new beautiful body project …  and I was in awe when she gave me a shout out on twitter… it was one